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Hillsdale Natural Grocery
A Member-Owned Co-operative since 1971
31 N. Broad Street,  Hillsdale, MI 49242
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M-Th   9 am - 6 pm
Fri  9 am - 6:30 pm
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Seniors (65+) always receive a 5% discount

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General Membership Meeting Minutes   Oct 10, 2000

KatjaKatja Szarafinski called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. welcoming the 26 members and giving opening remarks.  She told the group about how she came to be president over the past two years and how much she had enjoyed the experience, but due to family demands of home schooling, building a new house, and working, she was tendering her resignation as president of the board. She emphasized the importance of the election that we would participate in tonight to elect new board members, because our success as a store depends on good leadership. Attendees at tonight's meeting were asked to sign in and to take a ballot for later voting.  Name tags were given out to people running for board positions.

The minutes of the April 11th G.M.M. were read by secretary, Suzanne Dumaw. Monte Fowler made two corrections: (1) The membership had voted on a motion to put aside $50.00 each month toward supporting community projects such as Relay for Life so that the name of our store would be more known. (2) The second correction was that the membership had discussed and voted to approve a try at doing a Farmers' Market during the summer months in the back parking lot using organic produce donated by local people. Katja noted that even though it was a great idea, we simply did not have people volunteer to get it organized and the space needed cleaning up and organizing.  It certainly was an idea to keep to keep in mind for the future.

Katja reviewed the activities of the year that have occurred at the store: Interviewing and hiring a new store manager in February, renovations at the store (new sinks in kitchen area, new windows at the back of the store), participation in Relay for Life; 4th of July parade, the county fair parade, new computer system, updating our insurance for more coverage of our contents, new tables for bagging, new folding chairs for steering committee meetings, two new banners designed by New Generations Signcrafters for parades and other outings, and in the present process of two new signs for our store and front windows. It has been a busy year for H.N.G.!!

The financial report was presented by Pete Bildner representing our accounting firm of Lambert and Bildner. A printout was given to members with Pete reviewing each page. An informative discussion was held each page of the report was read and questions answered. Pete's general impression of our financial status was very positive. He commented that the number of people at the meeting tonight indicated a strong support base for the store, which he felt is a large part of why we are doing well. The profits are up as compared with this time last year even though sales are down a little bit.  He did suggest that the steering committee become familiar with the store's general ledger which shows every single check written from the store.  He said he would be pleased to consult with our steering committee and to come in yearly to a GMM meeting to go over our progress. He said he was somewhat puzzled as to why HNG was not a nonprofit organization as there were certain advantages (mainly not having to pay a tax of roughly $3000 of a corporation fee to the federal government each year.)  A discussion followed about the pros and cons of being nonprofit. He said he would be happy to consult with us about it.  Monte suggested that we might want to contact Ann Arbor Co-op and find out their view on being nonprofit.

The balloting for new board members came next. The following people ran for the seven open seats: Walt Bisel, Rhonda Clendenning, Ken Cole, Betty Cook, Carolyn Cox, Harriet Doolittle, Suzanne Dumaw, Susan Rathmell, and Richard Wunsch.  Pauline Salyer, or another staff member elected by the staff, will fill the 8th seat automatically. Four members:  Dumaw, Cole, Bisel, and Wunsch, are returning from last year.  These seats are for one year's duration, except for the offices of President and Vice-president, which are two-year terms. Voting was done by secret ballot with retiring board members Katja Szarafinski and Fran Whiting counting them.  The results were read by Fran Whiting: Walt Bisel, Rhonda Clendenning, Ken Cole, Carolyn Cox, Suzanne Dumaw, Susan Rathmell, and Richard Wunsch.  (Absent tonight were Rathmell, Clendenning, and Wunsch.) No nominations were made from the floor. Steering committee meets the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. at the store.  The meeting is open to any member who wants to attend. The web site will begin supplying minutes of monthly meetings and also of the general membership meetings.

ElaineElaine Hilliker gave a tasty and fun presentation complete with printed copies of Russian style pastries, featuring products from our store. They were delicious!

The last piece of business was to say thank-you to those people who contributed their personal time for things that helped the store so much in the last year:  Walt Bisel, Ted Sems, Pam Sloan, Michelle Nauta, Ken and Ruby Cole, Elaine Hilliker, and Fran Whiting (for 21 years of service!)  The Hillsdale Natural Grocery is proud of all of you and the service and leadership you have provided during your tenure on the board of directors.

The next GMM meeting will be in April of 2001. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Dumaw, Secretary

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