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Steering Committee Meeting
Minutes for January 8, 2001

 The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm.  All were present.  The December 2000 minutes were approved.

 Unfinished Business
Newsletter Costs

  • Pam is seeking options to hold the price down. For example, in Jonesville copies are five cents per page.
  • The newsletter could be sent to members only who attend GMN.
  • The newsletter could be set out on the counter for others.

 Membership List

  • Richard Wunsch Volunteered to call Pam to update.

 Freezer Update

  • It's okay; ice cream frosts over.
  • We're ordering things in small quantities.
  • Suzanne is filing a complaint with the State of Michigan or Hillsdale County Inspection Department.  Copies of the history papers on the freezer were sent to the above mentioned.  The cost was estimated at $1,400, but no bill yet.


  • Suzanne exclaimed that the signs looked great and will go up soon if weather cooperates.

 Store Report

  • Pauline reported that HNB has a new vacuum (a floor as well as habnd0held one); the cost was $400.
  • The back door handle lock is not working.
  • Computer stage one is completed. Future:  Stage two will incorporate "point of sale."
  • Pauline's daughter painted the bathroom.

New Business and Concerns

  • No concern for more staffing at this time.
  • How much has the gross increased compared to last year?
  • How does HNG get members to work three hours per month?  Carolyn offered to call members to see if they were willing to work.
  • Third Annual Business and Industry Expo 2001 is this March.  Some HNG committee members will attend and check it out for possible future participation/
  • Heating problem has been solved.
  • Locks need to be redone all on one key. Pauline will get an estimate.
  • April 18, 2001 will be the GMM Annual Meeting. Questions that may be addressed for the meeting include:
    • What is organic?
    • What is GMO?
    • Website publication might include meeting times as well as a copy of the monthly minutes. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:53 pm.  The next meeting is February 12, 2001.

 Respectfully submitted,

Susan F. Rathmell

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